Football Straw

Kids will enjoy making this football drinking straw - perfect for the World Cup, a football party, or maybe even Dad on Father's Day!

Football straw craft
We chose a blue straw but green would look good, too, or you could use your favourite team's colours...

You will need:

White and black craft foam
Black pen


Cut a circle from white foam. Cut a hexagon from black foam and 6 small triangles. Glue the hexagon to the centre of the circle and the 6 small triangles around the outside. For younger children, you could provide them with all the pieces pre-cut and show them how to stick them together.

When the glue is dry, trim the edges of the triangles to fit the edge of the circle.
Draw black lines from the corners of the hexagon to the points of triangles.

Make two small holes in the foam and push the straw through.

Football straw detail

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