Football Worksheets


Scroll down for some simple football addition and subtraction worksheets to make practicing simple maths skills fun for soccer fans. We've also got "famous footballer" worksheets and a selection of early years worksheets with a football theme too. You might also like to look at our Football Vocabulary printables.

Football Commentary Worksheets
These worksheets are so unusual, and really fun for kids - who all seem to be happy to commentate...
Football Handwriting Worksheets
Lots NEW! There's plenty of fun handwriting practice for beginners and up with this collection...
Football Maths Worksheets
We've got counting worksheets, pattern worksheets and simple maths worksheets here, all with a...
Football Scissor Skills
Grab a pair of scissors and get your youngsters working on their fine motor skills while enjoying...
Football Story Starters
Encourage the children to have a go at some creative writing with these fun football themed story...
More Football Worksheets
Explore more football worksheets below - including some fun "Famous Footballer" fact-...

More Football Activities for Kids

Football Vocabulary
Football Vocabulary

Soccer Colouring Pages
Soccer Colouring Pages

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