Freedom Bell Craft


This is a quick and easy Freedom Bell or Liberty Bell craft for Independence Day or MLK Day.

Freedom Bell Craft
Freedom Bell or Liberty Bell Craft

You will need:

A yoghurt pot
Kitchen foil (or gold acrylic paint)
Scrap of white card


Cut a circle from the card. Write the word "Freedom" or "Liberty" on it, and decorate.

Make a hole in the bottom of the yogurt pot (you will need an adult to do this).

Cover the pot with kitchen foil. It should stick without glue if you wrap tightly. Alternatively, paint your pot in gold acrylic paint.

Make a hole in the top of the card circle and tie some string through it. Make a knot in the string at the height you want your pot to sit. Thread the string through the hole in the yogurt pot and hang.


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