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NEW! Here you can learn just a little about George Washington Carver, a prominent black scientist from the early 20th Century, and make use of our printable short biography and writing page with the kids.

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A Short Biography of George Washington Carver

George was born a slave in Missouri in the 1860s. When slavery was abolished, his former master raised George as if he was his own child, and his wife taught him to read and write.

George worked hard and was accepted to college. When he arrived, the college realised he was black  and wouldn’t let him attend! Later, he became the first black student at Iowa State University, where he studied agriculture. He then became the first black faculty teacher there.

In 1896 George became the head of the Agriculture department at the Tuskegee Institute, where he remained for 47 years. People said he wasn’t a very good head of department, but he was an excellent scientist and inventor! He developed techniques to improve soils by rotating crops and made many other significant recommendations for farmers, including work into peanuts and sweet potatoes - important southern crops. He became quite famous in America and toured the country as a celebrity, promoting his university and racial harmony.

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George Washington Carver short bio printable

George Washington Carver Short Bio

Start learning about George Washington Carver, who was a prominent scientist in the early 20th Century and did much to encourage black people to go to university. We have a matching writing page for children to write down their notes or their own biography, too.

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