Ghost Game Cards


We have come up with lots of ideas for using these silly Ghost Cards at Halloween - and we are sure you can think of others. Scroll down to download the ghost cards printables.

* Play Ghost Busters

* Write clues on the back and use them for a Halloween treasure hunt.

* Play Memory. Include a Halloween treat or two to make the game extra exciting.

* Print out 4 copies of the cards and play a Halloween version of Pig. This would be a great game for slightly older kids, who will really have to concentrate to make sure they are forming a matching set of 4.

* Make a Halloween streamer to decorate your room. Punch holes in the top and bottom. Cut a long piece of string or ribbon and thread it through one of the bottom holes, then tie a large knot at the front of the card. Bring the other end out through the top hole and tie another knot. Leaving a gap between them, string the rest of the cards up and suspend in an open doorway or at the window.

* Design your own Halloween board game and use the Ghost Cards as forfeits or "opportunity" cards.

* Make a set of Halloween flashcards for the classroom.

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Ghost Game Cards


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