Glass Painted Candle Holder


Recycle some little glass jars into these sparkling glass painted candle holders! Quick and easy for kids to do - and very special.

Glass Painted Candle Holder

You will need:

A small glass jar
Craft wire
Glass paint


Wrap the wire tightly around the top of the jar, then make a loop of wire over the top of the jar to make a handle. Feed under the wire around the jar rim and pass back over to make another loop. Twist the two loops together. Wrap the wire around again and twist the end on to some of the other coils of wire to secure everything in place. Younger children may want some help with this from an adult, but it really isn't too difficult to do once you get the hang of it.

Glass painted candle lantern - detail

Decorate the jar with glass paints. We have just used simple dots or gold and silver but you can make yours as colourful and decorative as you like. Match it in with your house's colour scheme, or choose Christmas or Diwali colours.

Now you can add a tea-light and either hang your little lantern up or display on a table.

NB: Children should not light candles unless an adult is supervising, and candles should never be left unattended.


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