Goat Paper Cut Template


We've made a template for a simple goat Chinese paper cut - perfect for Year of the Goat! Even with the template you'll need small sharp scissors and lots of patience, so this craft isn't for younger children. The finished paper cut is the perfect size to make a Chinese New Year card if you wish. Scroll down for the template to the bottom of the page.

Print the template out onto brightly coloured card. We've chosen a traditional red for Chinese New Year.

Goat paper cut 1

Make a note of where the goat touches the frame. You are going to want to cut very carefully around these areas - especially the horn and ear - to leave a tiny piece of paper joined to the frame.

Cut all around the outside of the frame.

Goat paper cut 2

Using small sharp scissors - perhaps nail scissors or an old pair of sewing scissors, make a hole in one of the background sections and start to cut it away. We found it was easiest to make cuts outward from the hole to the edge of the goat and the frame, and then "nibble" away the remainder.

An example of nibbling at the edges of the paper cut!
An example of nibbling at the edges of the paper cut!

When the picture is cut out, display against white card or paper.

Year of the Goat paper cut craft


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Goat paper cut template


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