Greetings, O Great One


Whenever we play this game we get very giggly indeed! This only works when your group of children knows one another, and is roughly the same age.

Greetings, O Great One

Age: 6+

You will need:

A blindfold

How to play:

Choose one child to play first and blindfold him. The other children form a circle around him.

Turn the blindfolded player around 3 times. Then silently point to one of the children in the ring. They must go up to the blindfolded player, shake his hand, and say "Greetings, O Great One" in a disguised voice. If the blindfolded player guesses their identity, they take his place. If not, turn the blindfolded player around 3 times again and point to another child to have a go at shaking hands and disguising their voice.


Try "Greetings O Princess" or "Greetings O Prince" if more appropriate for the age of your children and the theme of the party.

Younger children may enjoy wearing a crown or other dressing up accessory such as a cloak when they are in the middle of the circle.


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