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Saint George's and Grenada Harbour
St George's and Grenada Harbour

A Little Geography...

  • A small Caribbean nation in the south of the Leeward Islands, Grenada consists of three inhabited islands with over 110,000 citizens living in a lush tropical setting. 
  • Grenada is a mountainous volcanic island, featuring rainforest and waterfalls, and surrounded by white sandy beaches.
  • On smaller Carriacou there is an archaeological museum. Petite Martinque is home to local boat builders.
  • St George's, the capital, was built by the French in 1650. It occupies a natural horseshoe-shaped harbour. Fort George, built in 1705, was originally called Fort Royal by the French.
  • Grenada is known as "the spice island", due to the abundance of mace and nutmeg, which are major exports.
  • In 2004 Hurricane Ivan destroyed the nutmeg crop causing significant damage to buildings and loss of life.

A Little History...

  • Arawak and Carib tribes were succeeded by British and French settlers, with a French colony established in 1674.
  • Grenada changed hands several times until British rule was established in 1877.
  • After independence in 1974, there was a revolution in 1979 followed by a coup and invasion by American and Caribbean forces in 1983. Grenada is now a stable democratic member of the Commonwealth.

And Some Interesting Facts...

  • If you visit you might like to try eating oildown, the national dish - which is a stew of pig tails, coconut milk, breadfruit and peppers!
  • Grenada became the smallest nation to win an Olympic gold medal in 2012 in London, when 19 year old Kirani James won the men's 400 metres.
  • Tourists can dive at Moliniere Bay at the world famous Underwater Sculpture Park, which includes the Vicissitudes, a circle of 25 stone carved children.
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