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Activity Village staff and friends share ideas for how our resources can be used for learning at home, crafts with your own children, or group craft activities. There is lots of inspiration here, so make yourself a big cup of tea, grab a biscuit or two and explore...

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Guest Post - Spectacular Elephant Artwork!

Spectacular Elephant Artwork!

When my son was little (about 5 or 6) he would get a bit frustarted with his paintings. He always wanted to paint animals, but the animals that he painted were never realistic.

Guest Post - A Lion Paper Craft for Cutting Skills

Guest Post - A Lion Paper Craft for Cutting Skills

When my kids were younger one of the big activities that I was always trying to sneak in, in a fun way, was cutting skills: using their scissors carefully and being able to cut out shapes with confidence.

Guest Post - Painting Dotty Butterflies

Guest Post - Painting Dotty Butterflies

I have always enjoyed using butterflies in art activities. They are the perfect subject because you get them in so many different colours and patterns and you really can do almost anything with them.

Guest Post - Making Jubilee Luminaries

Guest Post - Making Jubilee Luminaries

Over the years we have made a few differently themed luminaries and it has just been one of those fun craft activities for the kids to do which always ends up with something really effective to enjoy afterwards.

Guest Post - Creating Stained Class Cross Pictures

I have always loved the effect of stained glass windows and when my kids were younger we often tried to create our own stained glass window effect with paintings.  The idea is very simple but a lot of fun and I think you end up with some stunning p

Guest Post - Making Autumn Suncatchers

Autumn is a magical time to enjoy craft activities! In this guest post Shelly and her son make some lovely autumn suncatchers to hang up in their home.

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