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Activity Village staff and friends share ideas for how our resources can be used for learning at home, crafts with your own children, or group craft activities. There is lots of inspiration here, so make yourself a big cup of tea, grab a biscuit or two and explore...

Guest Posts at Activity Village

Guest Post - Family Fun with Word Puzzles

Guest Post - Family Fun with Word Puzzles

As many of you know, besides being at Lindsay's beck and call for Activity Village and running various children's group activities (my usual blogging focus), I am mum to two boys - Jack, 15, and Sam, who by the time you read this will be 12 year

Guest Post - Process Art Ideas

Process Art Ideas

I normally write for Activity Village about a group I run; however, for complicated reasons (turning up at the room we hire to find all the tables vanished - try running a craft group without tables!) I was a bit distracted and completely forgot to take

Guest Post - Maths Fact Families

Maths Fact Families

In today's guest post, Shelly explains how she has been using our Fact Family Mats with her children to learn simple fact families up to 10 as well as look at bigger numbers, times tables, fractions and decimals.

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