Halloween Pumpkin Mobile


This 3D pumpkin mobile makes a fun decoration for the house or classroom at Halloween, and kids can use their imagination to paint some good gruesome faces on the "jack o' lanterns" if they wish. Younger children might need some help putting the main pumpkin together as sandwiching the ribbon can be a little tricky.

Halloween pumpkin mobile

You will need:

4 sheets of orange card
Black and orange marker pens


Fold a sheet of orange card in half and cut out a half pumpkin shape.

Fold another two sheets of card in half and using the first pumpkin that you cut as a template, cut another two pumpkins.

From the final sheet of card, cut 6 small pumpkins.

Decorate your pumpkins with the pens.

On the back of one pumpkin, cover one side up to the centre fold in glue. Stick on two pieces of ribbon so they hang from the bottom of the pumpkin and a piece of ribbon from the stem to hang the mobile. Position another of the large pumpkins so it matches up and stick down. Repeat to stick on the third large pumpkin.

Glue the open sides together, not forgetting to sandwich in the two pieces of ribbon to hang down. Now you have a "3D" pumpkin to form the main part of the mobile.

Glue a small pumpkin to each of the hanging ribbons and hang your pumpkin mobile up ready for Halloween!


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