Hand Banner


This hand banner craft makes a good class or family project. Why not make the banner long enough to circle a room so it joins together in a unified circle? Each child can use a different quote and think about its meaning.

Hand Banner

You will need:

A range of skin coloured paper or card
Glue stick
Paper and pens for writing, or a print out of our Martin Luther King quotes

Martin Luther King quotes
Martin Luther King quotes​


Cut out a number of handprints, making half left hands and half right hands. Either cut out and glue on one of our quotes to each hand or have children research and write on their own.

Take one left hand and one right hand and glue the ends of the index fingers and thumbs together. Make lots of pairs of hands in the same way.

Glue the pairs together by overlapping the little finger and the edge of the palm. Hang your banner.


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