All you need to play hangman is pencil, paper and at least 2 players. It is an excellent game for encouraging spelling skills.

Hangman games in action

How to play

Player One chooses a word or set of words and draws a dash for each letter (with a vertical line to mark the end of a word in a phrase).

The other players take it in turns to guess letters. If they are correct, Player One writes the letter into any spaces it should go. If they are wrong, Player One writes down the letter (or crosses it out)  so players can remember which letters have been called, and then draws one part of the hangman's gallows.

The players must guess the words before the gallows and the hanging man are completed.


The game can be made easier by having a theme or asking players to give a clue to the words such as 'a film' or 'famous person'.

The game can be made much harder by predrawing the gallows so only the man remains to be completed.


If spelling might be a problem and cause for argument it can help to have some scrap paper and an impartial adult to help.

Our Hangman Printables

Hangman Printable

Hangman Printable

This hangman printable has the space for you to play 3 rounds of this fun game. Each game card has the alphabet for you to cross out as each letter is guessed and a set of gallows to be traced.

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