Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival is a traditional British celebration originating in pagan times, now celebrated in churches and schools throughout the country on a Sunday near the Harvest Moon - usually towards the end of September and sometimes in October.


With the Harvest Festival we give thanks for the harvest and the food that has been brought in and stored for the winter months ahead. Obviously in years gone by a successful harvest was crucial, and that is why we have similar festivals all around the world, including Thanksgiving in Canada and the USA.

It is traditional to bring food to schools and churches (to be distributed to the needy), pray and sing hymns, and, in schools, to use the occasion to learn about the harvest process and farming, and about fruit and vegetables. Many schools and churches now use the Harvest Festival to raise money and awareness for food shortages in developing countries.

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More Harvest Festival Ideas

  • Dress up as farmers for the day!
  • Make a big batch of vegetable soup and enjoy with some home-made bread. Even the youngest children can help with the chopping and stirring if carefully supervised - or make vegetable prints while you do the cooking!
  • Get out the modelling clay or playdough and make a huge pile of fruit and vegetables.
  • Visit a pick-your-own farm or an apple orchard to give children a real feel for how food grows.
  • Plant some herb or mustard and cress seeds indoors and nurture them.
  • Find out about places in the world where children don't have as much food as we do. What can you do to help?

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