Haunted House Craft

Make sure you save a large cardboard box to make this fantastic haunted house this Halloween!

Haunted House Craft for Halloween

You will need:

Large cardboard box
Black paper
White or yellow tissue paper
Black paint
White chalk
Sticky tape
A flashlight (torch)


Stand the box on one end. Open it up at the top and fold open the flaps to form a roof. From one of the flaps cut out a rectangle to form a window. Carefully with the scissors make holes in the box and cut 2 windows from each side of the box. Paint the box black and leave to dry. Make sure that you put down plenty of newspaper or stand it on an old plastic tablecloth first!

Haunted House craft

Cut the black paper into thin strips. Tape the strips to the inside of the box to form crosses at the windows. Cover the windows with tissue paper (taping on the inside of the box).

With a thin brush (or perhaps a black marker pen), gently paint cobwebs, spiders and cats at some of the windows.

Switch on the flashlight and put it inside your box. Tape the flaps at the top of the box together and with lots of sticky tape fasten the roof together.

Draw a door on the front of your house with the white chalk. We also added a witch and her broomstick.

The light inside will cast spooky shadows at the windows.

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