Hearts with Glitter


These home made Valentine's Day cards are really pretty, and simple for kids of all ages to make themselves.

The picture doesn't do these cards justice!

Home made Valentine Cards with glitter

We cut a simple heart shape out of red card, and then painted (left) the whole front of the heart or (right) the edges of the heart with school (PVA) glue. We then dipped the heart into a saucer of glitter.

This is great fun but very messy! Put lots of newspaper down before you start, and please make sure that the children keep their fingers away from their eyes until all the glitter is washed off.

When the hearts were dry, we fixed them to our cards with a small square "sticky fixer" so that the heart lies slightly proud of the card. You could cut a small square of corrugated cardboard or foam to do the same job.


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