Hibernating Animals


All NEW! Are you learning about hibernation and the various creatures that hibernate? We've created some fun resources that might help, whether you are studying the hedgehog or the bear, the frog or a hibernating snake.

Hibernation Topic for Kids

Specific Hibernating Animals

We are just starting with this topic - but you can expect more hibernating animals to be added here soon!

General Hibernating Animals Resources

Hibernating Animal Worksheet Blank

Hibernating Animal Worksheet Blank

Use this useful blank worksheet for the kids to fill in when they are studying hibernating animals. Write a description and a little about the animal's habitat, draw or paste in a picture, and then tick the boxes to categorise the animal.

Hibernating Animals Code Breaker 2

Hibernating Animals Code Breaker 2

Here's a trickier version of our hibernating animals code breaker - a fun maths challenge for the kids, designed as a code breaking activity.

Hibernating Animal Word Mat

Hibernating Animals Word Mat

Available in colour or black and white, this useful and colourful word mat pictures some of the hibernating animals that the children might learn about - or be interested in learning about.

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