House of Lancaster

The House of Lancaster claimed the throne through John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster the second son of Edward III.  

When Edward died the throne went to his grandson Richard II the son of the 'Edward the Black Prince'.   Richard saw his Lancastrian cousins as a threat and banished Henry Bolingbroke and confiscated his large inheritance.  Henry raised an army and forced Richard to abdicate and declared himself Henry IV.

House of Lancaster

When Edward III had declared his claim to the throne of France he started the Hundred Years War which was still raging through this time.  One of the most famous battles was 1415's Battle of Agincourt  when Henry V's English army defeated a French army three times their size.

However, when Henry V died he was succeeded by his baby son. Henry VI was a weak king he lost much of the English possessions in France.  He became prone to fits of madness and the Wars of the Roses began between the house of York and Lancaster.

Henry IV
Henry IV (king from 1399-1413) was the son of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster.  He had been...
Henry V
Henry V (1387-1422) had effectively ruled England for the last few years of his father, Henry IV...
Henry VI
Henry VI (1422-1461) and (1470-1471) was only nine months old when he became King of England. Two...

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