House of Normandy

The House of Normandy kings were named after the land in France of which they were Dukes. They claimed a right to the throne of England through their relationship to Edward the Confessor. Although the Pope recognised the right of the first Norman king, William I, to the throne, his landing in England is commonly referred to as the Norman Invasion and William is known as 'the Conqueror'.

The House of Normandy ruled England from 1066-1154, with the final years of the dynasty being marked by civil war. Scroll down to find information, colouring pages, notebooking pages and mini booklets for the Norman monarchs.

William I
William I (1066-1087) was a distant relative of Edward the Confessor and claimed that Edward had...
William II
William II (king from 1087-1100) was the the middle son of William the Conqueror and Matilda of...
Henry I
Henry I (king from 1100-1135) was the youngest son of William the Conqueror. He had not received...
Stephen (king from 1135-1154) was nephew to Henry I and a grandson of William the Conquerer. When...
Empress Matilda ruled England for only a few months in 1141, and even then she wasn't...

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