House of Stuart

The House of Stuart had ruled Scotland since 1371 but in 1603, on the death of Elizabeth I, James VI of Scotland also became James I of England, and the Stuarts ruled England too.  Despite this the two countries did not officially unite for over 100 years.

The Stuart time was one of unrest, with religious reformation continuing across Europe and discord between Protestants and Catholics.

The power of kings was also being tested and in the reign of the second Stuart king, Charles I, the King went to war with Parliament.  Charles I was defeated and executed and for a time England was a republic.  But following the death of Oliver Cromwell, the leader of the Parlimentary forces, Charles' son was invited back and became Charles II.

James I
James I (1603-1625) was already King James VI of Scotland when his cousin, Elizabeth I, died and he...
Charles I
Charles I (1600-1649) has gone down in history for losing his head! The second son of James I, he...
Charles II
Charles II (1630-1685) was known as the Merry Monarch by his people - partly because he and his...
King James II
James II of England and Ireland and James VII of Scotland (1633 to 1701) became king on the death...
William and Mary
Mary II was the oldest daughter of King James II, and William III was William of Orange, her first...
Queen Anne
Queen Anne ruled (1665 - 1714) ruled from 1702 to her death in 1714. She was the younger sister of...

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