House of Windsor

The monarchy of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth realms has been called the House of Windsor since 1917, when King George V changed the name of the British Royal Family from the German Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, which had been brought into the royal family by Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's husband. George V chose Windsor because of its long association with the royal family through Windsor Castle and the two of Windsor in Berkshire.

Below you can find links to our pages for the historical kings of the House of Windsor, George V, Edward VIII and George VI, as well as the current head of the house of Windsor, Queen Elizabeth II. The rest of the Queen's family are covered in our British Royal Family pages, where we have many more fun activities for the kids to enjoy.

Present Day House of Windsor

Previous House of Windsor

George V
George V (1865 - 1936) became king in 1910 on the death of his father, Edward VII, and ruled into...
Edward VIII
Edward VIII (1894 – 1972) was King for 326 days, from January 1936 until he abdicated (gave...
King George VI
George VI (1895 – 1952) never expected to become king. In December 1936, however, his elder...

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