Ideas for Displaying the Christmas Advent Calendar Train


Which size do I want?

There are going to be 24 pictures in total, so most people will want to choose the small size. If you have a large classroom or plan to run the finished train along a long corridor, by all means print the larger size.

Standing up displays

  • Each picture includes a small rectangle which you can cut out, roll into a circle, and stick with tape to the back of the completed picture, near the bottom edge. The engine or carriage should now stand up.

Back view of 1st December engine
Back view of 1st December engine

  • Standing up displays look great along a window sill, high shelf or bookshelves. You could also make the top of a piece of furniture such as a chest of drawers or sideboard into a display area.

1st December engine standing on shelf outside study
1st December engine standing on shelf outside study

Wall displays

  • You could use a small amount of sticky tack to attach each day's completed colouring page to your wall, perhaps running them in a line just above a dado rail or skirting board, or at child height.
  • Display your train around a doorway! Start towards the bottom of the doorway on the left side, and add the carriages each day until the whole doorway is surrounded.
  • Fill up a noticeboard or large cork board! Start at the top left and then fill up the board in rows.

Hanging displays

  • Use clothes pegs to clip each day's colouring to a length of wide ribbon suspended across the room, or staple a loop of ribbon to the centre back and then tie to the suspended ribbon.

Other ideas

You could stick the colouring pages onto card and bind them up into a picture book, or use a scrapbook with colourful pages and get the kids to write underneath each picture when it is glued in. This would make a lovely keepsake to look back on in later years.

Laminate the completed pieces and use them as a number sorting activity throughout the Christmas period. Each day the activity will get one number harder!


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