Jack 'O Lantern Pot

This jack 'o lantern pot makes a great collecting pot if you are going trick or treating, and it looks great on display too.

Jack O Lantern Pot craft for Halloween

You will need:

Old newspaper
White (PVA) glue
Orange paint
Black pen
Black chenille stem (pipe cleaner)

Blow the balloon up about half way so it forms a small ball. Rip the newspaper into small pieces, then dip these into the glue and stick to the balloon. When the balloon is covered completely, let it dry and then add another layer of paper and glue.

When the paper is dry, burst the balloon and throw it away. Trim the hole in the pot to a neat circle.

Paint the pot orange and let dry. Use the black pen to draw on a jack 'o lantern face. Make two small holes in the top and thread either end of a chenille stem through to form the handle, twisting to secure.

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