Japan Flag Printables


We've got a complete set of our flag printables based on the Japanese flag, below.

Japan Flag

About the Japanese Flag

The Japanese flag has a simple design of a white background with a large red circle in the centre which represents the sun. The flag is known as Hinomaru which means ‘circle of the sun’. 

Japan Bookmarks

Japan Bookmarks

We've got four sets of bookmarks for you to print featuring the Japan flag, two in colour and two in black and white.

Japan flag Printable

Japan Flag Printable

We've got five different sizes of the Japan flag to print out in this 2-page pdf file - ranging from big (nearly A4) to very small!

Japan Notebooking Page

Japan Notebooking Page

Choose from two notebooking pages featuring the flag of Japan - perfect for capturing everything you know about the country. Notebooking page 1 has space for a map, illustration or photo.

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