Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells is a fantastic game for winding down a Christmas party. It is also suitable for all ages: I’ve played it with a large group of children ranging from 2 ½ years to 15 years old and it was enjoyed by all.

Jingle Bells Game

Age: 3+

Numbers: 8+

You will need:

A large space (preferably uncarpeted) A chair A set of bells A blindfold (scarf will do)

The children sit in a circle. A chair is placed in the centre of the circle and the set of bells put underneath. A child is chosen to be Santa and sits on the chair. Santa is then blindfolded.

A child in the circle is chosen to be the thief. The thief must try to steal the bells without being heard. If Santa hears a noise he must try to point at the thief before the thief returns to his/her place in the circle. If the thief succeeds, Santa has another turn while a new thief is chosen. If the thief is identified, they become the new Santa and the previous Santa rejoins the circle.

Depending on the numbers and ages you can adapt the last part. For example in a large group I try and pick a different Santa and thief each time to try and ensure everyone has a go at something. With younger ones I let the thief become Santa whether they succeed or fail in getting the bells.

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