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Activity Village is all about keeping kids busy, learning and having fun. Our core purpose is to provide activities that help those who look after children, so whether you are a parent, grandparent, teacher, childminder or other care giver, we know that you will find lots of inspiration here.

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Find what you need for your children by topic, by holiday, by event, by favourite type of activity. We've got something for everyone!

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Activity Village activities are designed to engage your kids, encouraging them to be creative, to learn and to enjoy themselves - with no screens in sight!


With over 38,000 pages of original, high quality, printable content, you could print 100 pages a day for a whole year and still have more to discover!

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We use different illustrators and creators to provide the best activities in a variety of styles, so our printables are never "samey" and boring. And we've got so much to choose from - from sudoku for kids to symmetry worksheets, from tracing pages for toddlers to times tables for ten year olds! And we are always adding more.

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Children develop at different rates and enjoy different activities, so you won't find our resources pigeon-holed by year group, key stage or grade. Just pick and choose what's right for you! Many of our activities are enjoyed by adults and "seniors" too.

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Activity Village has been providing high quality resources on the internet since September 2000 - that's over 21 years! We love what we do and have a passion for creating activities that bring out the best in children.

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