Knight's Shield


No knight would be ready for battle without a shield, and kids can enjoy creating their own coat of arms or making a simple knight's shield using the ideas below.

Jack with his shield
Jack with his shield

You will need:

Large piece of card
Strong glue
Drawing of your Coat of Arms (optional)


Cut out a large shield shape from the card.

To make a St George/Crusader shield paint the shield white with a red cross on the centre.

St George's Cross / Crusader shield

To make a shield with your Coat of Arms, divide the shield into four and paint it so that the top left and bottom right quarters are the same and the top right and bottom left are the same.

Draw your Coat of Arms on paper.

Cut around the edge of your design and glue to the centre of the shield.

Jack's shield - We're The Good Guys!

To make a handle, cut a rectangle of card about 12 by 4 inches (30 by 10cm).  Fold over 3inches (8cm) from either end. Use strong glue to glue these ends to the back of the card, allowing the handle of the card to form a loop to put your hand through.

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