Learn a little about the very "young" country of Kosovo, and enjoy our flag colouring page and printables. Maps are coming soon.


A Little Geography

  • Kosovo lies in the centre of Europe, with Serbia to the north and east, Montenegro in the north west, Albania on its western border and Macedonia in the south.
  • It's capital city is Pristina, which translates as "field of blackbirds". About 500,000 people live there.
  • Much of Kosovo is mountainous. The country has excellent farmland but is relatively under-developed. It is one of the poorest countries in Europe.
  • Kosovo is a major wine producer and exports wine to Germany and the US.

A Little History

  • Kosovo has been a melting pot of ethnic peoples and religions and has had a turbulent history. In the 8th century, Albanian and Slavic people settled in the region. In the 12th century Kosovo was absorbed into the Serbian Empire and remained within it until the late 14th century, when the Serbs were defeated by the Turks at the Battle of Kosovo and it became part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1913 the Serbs regained control, and after the First World War Kosovo was absorbed into what was to become Yugoslavia. After the Second World War, Yugoslavia became a socialist federation.
  • There was always tension between the ethnic groups in Kosovo and towards the end of the 20th century war broke out. Eventually NATO intervened and a tense peace was restored. In 2008 Kosovo declared its independence and adopted its new flag.
  • The population of the country is now 2 million, of whom about 90% are ethnic Albanians (mostly Muslim).

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