Enjoy our collection of flag printables and worksheets, including map and colouring flag, for Laos, and learn a little about this South East Asian country.

Aerial view over the Nam Song river, Laos
Aerial view over the Nam Song river, Laos

Learn About Laos

A Little Geography

  • The Laos People’s Democratic Republic is a mountainous, landlocked country in the north of South-East Asia.
  • It shares a 2,130 km eastern border with Vietnam, with China to the north and Cambodia in the south. The Mekong river runs along the western border with Thailand to the west and Myanmar in the north.
  • The population of less than 7 million can be divided into 3 broad groups: The Lao Lum on the lowland plains; the Lao Theung, who live in the hills, and the Lao Sung tribes in the high mountains.
  • Vientiane is the capital city. It is home to a golden Bhuddist stupa called Pha That Luang, which is revered as a national monument.

A Little History

  • The kingdom of Lan Kang was established in the 14th century CE. It was known as ‘the land of a million elephants’ and  lasted 350 years.
  • The ancient capital of Luang Prbang, in northern Laos, is a Unesco World Heritage site, rich in architecture - from wooden Bhuddist pagoda temples to 20th century French colonial buildings.
  • Laos is one of only a few remaining communist run countries in the world, along with Cuba, China, Vietnam and North Korea.

And Some Interesting Facts

  • About half the population follow the southern version of Bhuddism, called Theravada, which has strong Indian influences.
  • Sticky rice, the national dish of Laos, is high in sugar. It takes longer to digest than rice and is popular with monks who do not eat after midday.
  • The national flower of Laos is the Dok Champ, commonly known as frangipani, which has white and yellow flowers.
  • The endangered Irrawaddy dolphin of the Mekong river has seen numbers rise from just 80 to 200 due to conservation efforts.

The Laos Flag

Laos flag

The flag of Laos is red, white and blue, and the white circle in the centre of the flag symbolises the moon shining over the Mekong River. The Laos flag was officially adopted on December 2, 1975.


Our Laos Resources

Laos Flag Colouring Page

Laos Flag Colouring Page

Here's a colouring flag for Laos. The circle in the middle - which should be left white, is said to represent the moon shining on the Mekong river! Colour the central stripe blue to represent the river, and the top and bottom stripes red.

Laos Flag Printable

Laos Flag Printable

Did you know that the white circle on the Laos flag represents the moon shining over the Mekong River? We have four different sizes to print.

Laos Location Worksheet

Laos Location Worksheet

This simple worksheet asks children to locate Laos on our simplified map of Asia, and write down the capital city.

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