Leek Vase


This unusual leek vase is quick for the kids to make and is perfect for a display of handmade daffodils for St David's Day!

Leek vase

You will need:

Green craft foam
White craft foam
Double sided sticky tape


Draw around a cup to make a circle on the white foam and cut out.

Cut out a rectangle of green foam about 10cm by 15cm. Roll into a tube and use the double sided tape to join the edges together.

Cut a rectangle of white foam about 2cm by 15 cm and glue around the bottom of the green tube.

Cover the edge of the tube in glue and stand in the centre of the white circle. Leave to dry.

Now fill with a bunch of daffodils for a perfect St David’s day display!

Handmade daffodils in leek vase for St David's Day


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