Lions are the kings of the animal kingdom. The male lions with their manes look so majestic! Scroll down to explore our collection of crafts, worksheets and colouring pages.

10th August is World Lion Day, which makes it a really good day to learn a little about lions and explore the activity ideas below!

Did You Know?

  • Lions are a magnificent big cat found living in the grasslands and open woodlands of sub-saharan Africa.
  • They are a very social animal, which is unusual for cats - they live in a group called a pride, with around 30 lions.
  • Females are the main hunters in the pride as they are faster and more agile than the large males.
  • Lions are also the laziest of the big cats, sleeping for up to 20 hours a day!

Fun Fact: The beautiful thick mane you see on a male lion also serves a purpose - to protect their necks during fights with other males.

Our Lion Activities for Kids

Lion Colouring Pages
Explore our collection of lion colouring pages - we've aimed to provide something for all ages.
Lion Crafts
A lion with his mane is fun for crafting.  Enjoy our lion crafts below.
Lion Printables
Learn to draw a lion, print out a lion poster that would look fabulous in a nursery or classroom,...
Lion Worksheets
When you are studying lions or enjoying an African animal theme, why not incorporate some of these...

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