Find out a little about Lithuania with the kids by reading our "interesting facts" below, and then print out the Lithuanian flag in many different guises to accompany your study of the country!

Vilnius Old Town, Lithuania
Vilnius Old Town, Lithuania

Learn About Lithuania

Geography of Lithuania

  • The Republic of Lithuania, on the south-east Baltic, shares a border with Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia. It is the most populous Baltic republic with 3.3 million people.
  • The Curonian Spit on the Baltic Coast is a 98km long stretch of sand dunes from Southern Lithuania to Kalingrad in Russia . Backed by a lagoon, this area is famous for amber stone. Wildlife such as elks abound in the forests and 20 million birds visit annually.

A Whistlestop History of the Country

  • The Grand Duchy of Lithuania dominated the region for 500 years and was the biggest state in Europe in the 15th century.
  • Lithuania was the last pagan country in Europe to convert to Christianity. The country joined with Poland in a Commonwealth for 200 years until 1795.
  • Lithuania had Europe's first written constitution, created in 1791 only 4 years after the United States produced the world’s first.
  • Lithuania was part of the Soviet Union until 1989, when it became independent.

More Interesting Facts about Lithuania

  • Vilnius, the capital city, has a World Heritage Old Town with distinctive baroque buildings and cobbled streets.
  • The world's only statue to American musician Frank Zappa is in Vilnius. It is a symbol of the bohemian artistic lifestyle of the city's youth!
  • The  Hill of Crosses in Northern Lithuania has been a pilgrimage site since 1831. The estimated 100,000 crosses are a symbol of Lithuanian independence and traditional faith, and were visited by Pope John Paul II.
  • Lithuanians are very keen on sports. The men’s basketball team has won three Olympic bronze medals whilst swimmer Ruta Meilutyte won Olympic gold aged just 15.
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