London Bus Craft


This super London Bus craft makes a fun craft idea for St George's Day or for any time of the year - and it is great for taking the toys for a ride (and doubling up as a very stylish toy box too!)

London Bus Craft

You will need:

A large cardboard box
Red paint
Black paper
White paper
Yellow paper
Silver paper (or card)


Paint the box red and leave it to dry.

From the black paper cut four circles to be wheels and stick these to the sides of the bus.

London bus craft - wheels
A wheel

Cut a doorway (a rectangle about half the height of the box) and glue this to the end of one side of the bus. Cut a thin silver pole and glue this in the middle of the doorway.

London bus craft - door
Here's the door!

Cut rectangles of black paper for windows and glue these to the sides. Cut 2 strips of white paper long enough to run down the bus sides and narrow enough to fit between the two rows of windows. Decorate these as advertisements and stick them to the sides of the bus. You could also use an advert cut out of a glossy magazine.

London bus craft - windows and adverts
Windows and adverts

Cut two big rectangular windows for the back of the bus and glue them on. Cut two small rectangles of yellow paper as number plates (you can draw on your own personal number). Glue one to each end of the bus.

Cut two silver circles as headlights and a silver rectangle as a radiator and glue these to the bottom of the bus front. Cut 4 black windows to go above and stick these on. Finally cut a white rectangle, write on the route number and destination of your bus and glue it to the middle of the bus front.

London bus craft - front of the bus
This bus is going to Trafalgar Square!

Make a hole in the front of the bus, thread through your string and tie securely (this bit should be done by an adult).

Why not make some bus stops by drawing a large red circle with a horizontal line through on white paper? These can be stuck to the wall with sticky tack and you can pull your bus around dropping of and collecting toy passengers at the various stops.


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