Lovebird Craft


This pretty lovebird craft is great for Valentine's Day. Try it as a class or group project and fill your classroom with gorgeous lovebirds!

Lovebird craft
Our lovebird - side view

You will need:

Red or pink card
Red or pink crepe or tissue paper
Decorative card in pink or red (we used glitter and holographic
Wiggle eyes
Our Dove Template


Cut a bird from card or use our Dove Template to help you.

Stick on some eyes and decorate your bird with stickers or other bits and pieces.

Lie the crepe paper flat in front of you. Fold over a piece about ½ inch wide. Turn the paper over and fold again. Keep going until all paper is folded. Cut the ends into curves.

Cut a slit in the centre of the bird and slide the folded paper half way through. Fold the top edges of the folded paper up to join one another and glue together.

Lovebird craft - wing detail

If you want to hang the bird, punch a hole at the top of the wings and tie a length of ribbon through.

Lovebird craft - tail detail


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