Magic Tricks for Kids

All kids love to watch magic, and some like to perform it too! Kids can try the simple card tricks below, or have a go at some mind reading magic, or watch the videos which teach them how to make and perform their own simple magic tricks.

Magic For Kids

Learn to Shuffle

First all good magicians will need to learn how to shuffle a pack of cards - and this will take a lot of practice!

NB: Children should not browse video sharing sites unsupervised.

General Magic Tricks

Cut And Restored String

This video teaches you how to make your own magic trick - very cool!

NB Children should not browse video sharing sites unsupervised

Coin Vanish

Here's another trick you can make yourself - and this one will have your audience gasping!

NB Children should not browse video sharing sites unsupervised

Multiplying Money

Here is some simple sleight of hand to practise - if you can perfect the trick it will amaze your friends!

NB Children should not browse video sharing sites unsupervised

The Amazing Vanishing Pen

You don't need anything but a pen for this trick - but having watched the video, I think you might want to make it a tiny pen!

NB Children should not browse video sharing sites unsupervised

Card Tricks

Three Card Monte

This is a neat little trick which takes a little preparation. Make sure you use an old pack of cards or ask permission before you start cutting!

NB Children should not browse video sharing sites unsupervised

These next two card tricks were contributed by Dawne. Many thanks!

Cut the Kings

This trick begins with a stacked deck (a stacked deck is one where you arranged the cards in a certain order without your audience knowing). Separate the Aces and Kings from an ordinary poker deck. Place the 4 Aces on top of the other cards. Place the Kings on top of the Aces. Kings are now uppermost in the deck.

Find a volunteer and say something like: "You look like you can deal out a mean hand of cards! Please take this pack and deal out two piles, alternating cards."

Let them deal about half of the deck and then say: "You may stop anytime you wish".  Take the un-dealt deck of cards and place them aside.

Say to your volunteer: "Now, please pick up one of those two piles and deal it into two smaller piles. Do the same with the other pile so that we will end up with 4 piles of cards."

At this point there will be a king on the top of every deck.

"Turn up the top of any pile.  Oh....that's a king.  Turn over another - another king! Coincidence.  Yet another and another."

Once the volunteer has turned up all 4 kings discard them.

"Anyone here a poker player?  What beats four kings? Why.....four ACES, right" 

Make some magical passes of your hand over the four piles. Turn up the top card of each pile to reveal ACES.

Take a bow!

Magnetic Cards

First you must learn how to "Riffle Shuffle".  Shuffle the cards at the corners so that you alternate, laying down a card from the left pile, then right, then left - etc.

The working of this trick is easy once you've practiced the riffle shuffle.  I have found that if you riffle shuffle with a few mistakes (and I mean a FEW - do shuffle carefully) the trick will still work. 

You'll need to stack the deck on this trick.  Separate the cards by colour.  Place all of the red cards on top of the deck and the blacks on the bottom.

Hand the deck to a spectator. Ask her/him to deal out (dealing properly) 4 equal piles. Now, have the spectator point to any two piles for you to shuffle together. Use the riffle shuffle. You now have 1 larger pile and 2 smaller piles.

Then riffle shuffle the remaining 2 small piles. Remark at how carefully and thoroughly these cards have been shuffled. You now have 2 piles of cards the same size. Announce that you will shuffle these cards YET AGAIN. Ask the audience if they think these cards are well shuffled.

Now, here is an important part.  Cut off about the top 1/3 of the deck and place it to your right.  From the larger pile on your left cut off another third and place this in the middle. You now have 3 piles, roughly equal thirds.

Pick up the centre pile and remove a red card and a black card. Announce that these cards will act as magnets. Rub the red card on the left pile of cards and the black on the right pile.  (I prefer to slap the cards onto the piles, the kids jump and pay closer attention).  Pick up the red pile (the left), fan the cards and hold them out for all to see.  Pick up the black pile (the right pile), fan them and hold them for all to see.

When doing this trick for kids under 10 you can really ham it up. Firstly, they are impressed that you can shuffle using the riffle shuffle because the average kid isn't ready to shuffle at all. Secondly they can't understand just how you did that! They may want you to repeat the trick.  You can't unless you have a second stacked deck waiting!

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