Make A Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher's are a Native American tradition from the 1960s and have to some extent become a symbol of Native American culture. Traditionally, good dreams travel through the holes in the dreamcatcher's web; bad dreams are caught and kept away from the person sleeping beneath. Dreamcatchers can help your child to fall asleep if they are being disturbed by bad dreams, and are a fun craft for Thanksgiving or any time you are studying Native Americans. This is a simplified dreamcatcher craft idea which younger children will be able to enjoy.

Dreamcatcher craft
Jack's finished dreamcatcher

You will need:

Piece of card


Find 3 different sized round containers to draw around. Draw around the circles so they form a pattern like this:

Dreamcatcher pattern

Cut out and discard the shaded pieces. You should be left with a large ring and a smaller circle. Make small holes around the ring and the edge of the circle.

Cut a long piece of yarn. Thread it through a hole on the ring and tie it. Thread it through a hole on the circle and then back through one on the ring. Keep going all the way around the circle. If you have different numbers of holes in the ring and circle you may need to go through a hole more than once.

Dreamcatcher craft detail

When you have finished, the circle should sit in the centre of the ring. Tie the yarn to secure.

Cut 4 shortish pieces if yarn. Thread one through a hole at the top of the ring and tie a knot. Use this loop to hang your dreamcatcher. Thread and tie the other 3 pieces to holes at the bottom of the ring. Tie two feathers to each of these and trim any left over yarn.

Dreamcatcher detail - feathers

Hang your dreamcatcher above your bed and enjoy sweet dreams!

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