Make A Greek Mask


Actors in Greek theatre wore masks to depict different characters and emotions. Very few of these masks survive though many images can be found on pottery and sculptures.

Greek comedy mask

To make your own Greek mask first draw and cut out a large dinner plate-sized circle from cardboard. Mark eyes and mouth on the cardboard, and carefully cut these out. Decorate as desired. We used strips of coloured construction paper for hair and beard – cut thin strips, roll round pencil to give curly effect, and glue to mask. Finally either punch a hole on both sides of the mask and attach elastic so the mask can be worn, or tape a large popsicle stick or paint stirrer to the back of the mask and use as a handle to enable the mask to be held in front of your face.

Greek tragedy mask

We also have some Greek mask colouring pages which might give you some inspiration.

Greek masks


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