Make A Greek Shield

The Greek soldier, or hoplite, usually carried a large wooden shield into battle. We made this simple, but very impressive, shield, using two large circles of cardboard. We have an alternative Greek hoplite shield, possibly for younger children, which uses a paper plate.

Greek shield craft, front

This is a very simple craft. First draw a large circle on a piece of cardboard - the easiest method is to draw around a suitable large container, or alternatively fasten a pencil to a length of string and use as a simple compass. Cut out circle. Many ancient Greek shields had a decorative border so you can either paint this or cut out another slightly larger circle from different coloured cardboard and glue the two together (this is the method we used). Next decorate your shield – we took our inspiration from Greek mythology. Finally you need to be able to hold your shield easily. Cut out two strips of cardboard and attach to the back of your shield as shown in photo.

Greek shield back

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