Make A Greek Vase


We made some pottery inspired by Ancient Greece using simple terracotta pots

Greek vase craft

Many surviving examples of ancient Greek pottery are decorated in the limited colours of red, black and white.

Greek vase example

This simple craft recreates this style at home. The pot used is a terracotta plant pot – this nicely provides the red colour. Next decide on your design – there are lots of photos on-line here which you can use as your inspiration. Sketch your design lightly on the pot in pencil. Use black and/or white acrylic paints to complete your design. Acrylic paints are excellent for decorating pottery surfaces such as this but do be careful as it will not wash out of clothing.

Patterned Greek vase craft

To complete why not add a plant used by the Greeks such as basil, mint or thyme?

Greek vase with basil


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