Make A Key Ring Purse


Here is a very useful gift: a handy little purse in which to keep change for the car park! Perfect for every busy (and forgetful) adult. You could make one that holds coins for the shopping trolley too.

Keyring purse

You will need:

Rectangle of craft foam 3 inches by 6 inches (8cm by 15cm)
Yarn (wool)
Self adhesive hook and eye fasteners
Foam stickers, fabric paint, other embellishments
Darning needle or single hole punch
Key ring fitting (from craft shops)

Lay the foam rectangle in front of you with the long sides running up. Fold up the bottom edge until it is about 1 ½ inches from the top, and then fold the top edge down over it. This is your purse shape.

Sew up the sides, either directly with a darning needle, or first punching holes for for younger children so they can lace the sides up. Secure with a knot at either end.

Fasten the top flap with a hook and eye fastener.

Make two small holes in the top of the purse and thread a piece of yarn through. Knot and twist the ends together and tie to the key ring fitting.

Decorate your purse.


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