Make A Mug Warmer


Here is another useful gift which kids can make! Personalize it for a special teacher, parent or grandparent, or perhaps make holiday versions to brighten up everyone's morning!

Mug warmer

You will need:

Fabric paint
Self adhesive hook and eye fasteners
Optional, fabric glue and any embellishments that you like.


Measure your felt around your favourite mug (a straight sided one is best). Cut out a rectangle about ½ inch shorter than the mug and long enough to fit around the mug with an inch overlap. Shape the ends of the rectangle so it will fit through the handle (see the photo below as a guide).

Mug warmer detail

Decorate the felt with fabric paint and any other embellishments (the simpler you make it the easier to wash if you need to).

When the glue and paint is dry, wrap around the mug and ask a friend to secure in place with the hook and eye fastener.


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