Make A Pilgrim Hat

Here is a simple idea for making your own pilgrim hat for Thanksgiving. Make it the right size for your child - or dress up the teddies and dolls!

Pilgrim hat craft

You will need:

Large sheet of black card
Brown card
Yellow card
Spare card or paper for template
PVA/White glue


Take your spare card and fold in half. Draw the curve of half a hat.

You can print out our template for inspiration but will need to size it to fit your child's head.

Cut out and unfold. Use your template to cut two hats from the black card. Glue around the edge of one hat (making sure you leave the bottom free) and stick the two hats together.

Cut a band from brown card and a buckle from yellow and glue these to the front of your card. Leave your hat to dry and then wear and enjoy!

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