Make A Ping Pong Bat And Net


China introduced table tennis, or ping pong, to the world, and has always excelled at this fun sport. You can make your own "toy" ping pong bat craft. They won't stand up to too much use, but you should be able to get a game or two out of them!

Make A Ping Pong Bat craft

You will need:

Our bat template
2 wide popsicle sticks
Corrugated cardboard
Craft foam (sticky backed is best if you can get it)
coloured sticky tape (or insulating tape)

Use our template to draw and cut two bats from corrugated card. Glue the sticks to the handle of one to strengthen it.

make a ping pong bat step 1

Glue the second cardboard bat on top and leave to dry.

make a ping pong bat step 2

Draw around the bat on to craft foam and cut out 2 foam bats.

Stick to either side of the card bat. Finish off by wrapping the tape around the handle.

Make The Net

You will need:

2 wide popsicle sticks
3 lengths of 1 inch wide ribbon, the width of your table.
coloured tape
Sticky tack (or dough)

Lay the three lengths of ribbon along one stick (as shown in the picture) and tape into place. Tape the other ends of the ribbons to the second stick.

To play, use sticky tack or dough to hold the sticks upright, one on either side of the table, with the ribbons stretched taut across.

Kids - please check with an adult that it is OK to play on the table first!

Ping Pong net


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