Make A Scarecrow


You don't need a vegetable patch to make a scarecrow this autumn - just make one for fun with your kids! If you haven't got any old clothes that you can use, you might be able to find something inexpensive at a jumble sale or charity shop.

Make a Scarecrow

You will need:

Old clothes (preferably kids clothes, and the smaller the better) and hat
Two garden canes
Paper bag
Straw, old plastic bags or newspaper
Needle and thread
Sticky tack


Lay out the clothes flat on the ground. If you are using separate trousers and top (we used dungarees) they will need to be roughly sewn together. Stuff the clothes with the straw.

Draw a face on the paper bag and then fill it with straw. Put the bag over the end of one of the garden canes and tie around the neck to secure.

Push the cane though the body of the scarecrow (you may need to make a small hole between the legs for the cane to come through). A blob of sticky tack underneath will keep it in position and stop it sliding down the cane. Push the other cane through the arms.

Push the cane into the ground so your scarecrow stands up. Finally add an old hat.

Remember that your scarecrow isn't weatherproof!


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