Make a Terracotta Warrior

The Terracotta Army was discovered in 1974 by a farmer in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, China. Dating from 210BC, there are now believed to be an unbelievable 8,000 soldiers, 130 chariots with 520 horses, and a further 150 cavalry horses - the majority of which are still buried and unseen.

Make a Terracotta Warrior

The figures include warriors, chariots, horses, officials, acrobats, strongmen, and musicians, and are believed to have taken 700,000 workers over 30 years to build, ready for the funeral of the First Qin Emperor, to fight for him in the afterlife!

You can see a slide show of some of China’s Terracotta army here, or scroll down to see some more photos below.

Make Your Own Terracotta Army!

Use terracotta air hardening clay, or brown playdough to make your own Terracotta Warriors. Use the photos below, or do a Google Image search, for some inspiration.

China's terracotta army

terracotta army

terracotta warriors

Terracotta soldier phot

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