Make Beanbag Pancakes


This craft does double duty, because not only will the kids enjoy helping you make a "stack" of these beanbag pancakes, but they can toss them and play with them in many ways later. Look at our Beanbag Games page for inspiration!

Make Beanbag Pancakes

Use a plate to trace a circle shape onto two layers of brown or yellow fabric. For American-style pancakes, use a small saucer; for English crepe-style pancakes, use a side plate.

Draw a second circle about 1.5cm (5/8 inch) around the outside of the traced circle, and cut around this outer circle, preferably with pinking shears.

Use running stitch to stitch the two circles together, following the inner traced line, and leaving a gap of about 7cm (3 inches) through which to add a thin layer of small dried beans or rice. Finally, stitch up the gap.

Make a stack of these in advance for younger children, or enlist the help of older children in the sewing (as you have a line to stitch around, the project is good for beginners).


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