Make Mr Twit's Beard!


Dress yourself up as Mr Twit!  

Mr Twit's beard craft
Lottie as Mr Twit!


This is a fun activity and all you will need is an A4 sheet of brown craft foam, some dried food such as cereals or beans (or, alternatively, our food clipart sheet below, or paints), elastic, glue and scissors. 

Cut out a beard shape, making a hole for the mouth. Snip the left over pieces of foam into small strands and glue all over beard. Next glue on any food - cereal and dried peas look especially effective. Alternatively you may want to use paint (for example yellow to represent egg yolk or red for tomato ketchup) or our food clipart. When dry, fasten elastic to beard and wear with pride!

(Although we used craft foam you should be able to get similar results using cardboard or felt.)

Food clipart for Mr Twit's beard
Food clipart

Mr Twit's beard craft


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