Marching Drum


No Mardi Gras parade could be complete without a marching drum! Here is how your children can make their own using simple bits and pieces that you almost certainly already have to hand.

Marching Drum craft for Mardi Gras

You will need:

Old coffee tin
Sequins, stickers, ribbon etc to decorate
PVA glue
Strong glue
Ribbon/cord (to allow the drum to be worn)


Paint the tin and leave to dry. Decorate the drum with stickers, glitter, ribbon and anything else that you fancy.

Make two holes in the tin lid, thread though some cord or ribbon and tie tight knots on the underside of the lid so the cord is secure. With strong glue stick the lid onto the tin.

Wear your drum and march with pride.

If you do not have drum sticks, why not paint and decorate two wooden spoons to use as drum sticks?


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