Matchbox Noses


This is a silly game and it doesn't last long, but it makes for a funny few minutes and kids seem to love it!

Matchbox Noses

Age: 5+

You will need:

The sleeve of a matchbox for each player (less if you play the variations below).

How to play:

The children kneel down on the floor and put their hands behind their backs. Stand a matchbox sleeve on its end on the floor in front of each child.

At your signal, the children must bend forward, without using their hands, and manoeuvre the matchbox onto their nose!


1. Play this in partners. Each pair kneels opposite each other with a matchbox sleeve on the floor between them. One player has to manoeuvre the matchbox onto their nose and then transfer it to their partner's nose - with no hands.

2. Play in teams. The first two players in the team kneel opposite each other, with the matchbox between them. At your signal the first player manoeuvres the matchbox onto their nose, then passes it to the next player's nose and moves out of the way. The next player comes forward, kneels, and the matchbox is transferred again ... and so on until it reaches the last player.


Make sure that an adult supervises and reminds the kids to keep their hands behind their backs!

Watch carefully - some children find this painful.

Avoid if any child has an obvious cold or runny nose!


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